Yoga Quotes

  "Meditation brings wisdom;lack of meditation leaves ignorance.Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back,and choose the path that leads to wisdom"
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Diabetes has achieved pandemic proportion and effects nearly 7 crore people in India. It is said India is becoming capital of diabetic patients. Due to inadequate production of insulin relative to demand of body. other factor such as obesity , stress , day seeping etc. add fuel to fire. Dramatic increases of diabetes patient are due to more calories intake, less exercise and other lifestyle factor. It is heterogeneous and reflects the interaction of other diseases too. No wide definition can be given to it. Best call diabetes a syndrome rather than as diseases. Change in life style, diet and weight loss may delay or reverse factor. SPECIALLY YOGA AND STRESS RELEASING, ANTI-OXIDANT HERBS DELAY OR REVERSE THE METABOLIC ABNORMALITY. The worst reason is; We take dinner and go early…
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Getting diabetes is not a sudden process, but in fact "usually progresses over many months or years". In other words, your symptoms may not manifest until ‘years’ after it was triggered in your body. The vast majority of patients with type 2 diabetes initially had prediabetes. It is called latent period of diseases. ‘Diabetes is preceded by an incubation period that can be as short as months or as long as over a decade.’ Depending upon mainly the stress a patient has to go through. Diabetes is largely responsible for impotency, blindness, delay in wound healing(ulcers), blood pressure, amputation, end stage of renal diseases, Because of this, it is important to recognise and treat this devastating disease early in its progression to postpone or even prevent the serious complications associated…
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