MIGRAINE CAUSES, MIGRAINE HERBAL TREATMENT, MIGRAINE TREATMENT, MIGRAINE TREATMENT IN JALANDHAR When half of the head of person have ache while second half remain as it is it called ADHASHISHI (half head headache) or migraine. Migraine increases as day progress and decreases after midday with night falling.  Migraine can be preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs such as flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in arm or legs. [caption id="attachment_1302" align="alignnone" width="622"] MIGRAINE IS TREATABLE IN FEW WEEKS WITH OUR AYURVEDIC FORMULA[/caption] According to Ayurveda due to tensions, depression or anger PITA (bile) increases in head and dries up KAPHA in head causing headache or MIGRAINE. Because of it basic theory Ayurveda is able to treat migraine easily.  In my experience migraine patient got treated in 2- 3 months while in all…
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BRAIN WAVES TREAT HEALTH, DEPRESSION, Diabetes NATURAL THYROID TREATMENT, Migraine, Parkinson disease Instabilities in brain rhythms correlate with tics, obsessive-compulsive disorder, aggressive behavior, rage, bruxism, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, migraines, narcolepsy, epilepsy, sleep apnea, vertigo, tinnitus, anorexia/bulimia, PMT, diabetes, hypoglycemia and explosive behavior. Our brain is a fascinating machine. This 3 pound organ contains 100 of billion cells. It can process though upto lightening speed depending upon the control on brain. Divided into two part left and right hemisphere, each dealing with specific function. These billions of cells known as neurons talks to each other. These neurons communicate using electricity. When millions of neurons are communicating at the same time, this all generates a significant amount of electrical activity - which can be detected using sensitive scientific equipment, such as…
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