Pearl Calcium

Social media has made every body in the world a doctor. Which is harming? First one has to learn how to use a product even if it is natural. Today we teach you ancient Indian technique of using calcium. Pearl calcium The mineral calcium is well known for its use in human body development. It is the main source of bone is another form of calcium and made of calcium. calcium helps to maintain Rhythm, cure osteoporosis, increase the height of baby develop mind of children. [caption id="attachment_900" align="alignnone" width="300"] Pearl calcium beneficial in Impotency, , joint pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain, pregnancy, miscarriage, dementia maternity problems[/caption] Benefits of Pearl calcium  Kids to build and maintain strong bones why is brain studies show that and take it taken with Vitamin…
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Frozen Shoulder

What is frozen shoulder? [caption id="attachment_329" align="alignnone" width="637"] FROZEN SHOULDER IS EASILY TREATABLE  YOU HAVE TO PAY ONLY LITTLE ATTENTION READ HOW?[/caption]  ACCORDING TO AYURVEDIC THEORY GASES DISTURBED DUE TO INDIGESTION OR ACIDITY HAS TENDENCY TO LIFT UPWARD. DUE TO THESES GASES INTOXICANT AND STRESS IS CREATED AROUND NECK OR SHOULDER CAUSING FROZEN SHOULDER. KAPHA (MUCUS) WHEN MIXED WITH THESE GASES FROZEN SHOULDER Due to office work culture of excessive sitting hours in a particular posture is taking a toll on our health paradigms –mental, physical, emotional and social. Indigestion too plays a vital role in development of cervical. These long hours and over tired work leads to develop neck, shoulder and cervical problems.   Frozen Shoulder is also caused due to abrasion and attrition of spine disk. It is…
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