Remove Stress  in just 30 seconds.

Remove Stress in just 30 seconds.

Remove Stress in just 30 seconds or treat stress in just 30 seconds We all have tough days… The truth is – you only need 30 seconds to improve your mood. Here are three simple and easy ways to boost your mood instantly! Learn and try this technique every day ( may be used several time a day ) Yogacharya Shivender kumar @ Radha yoga and herbs say Breathe deeply Breathe deeply in and out gradually, several times in a row. Even 70% of our negative emotions are emptied by our lungs, with a good way of breathing. Breathing is a reflex function and we don’t think about breathing that much. Deep, proper breathing especially in nature or close to an open window can make wonders for your mood! Stretch your…
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SEXUAL BENEFITS OF ROSE Saintsam, Radha yoga and herbs Do you know rose not only increases sex, vitality and vigor of human? It also helps to reduce weight and make body naturally perfumed and sexy Read how Have you ever wondered that a rose flower can actually shower you with numerous health benefits that you ever thought of? This flower exerts a positive effect on your body, mind and skin and has been used since ancient times. Apart from being a well-known beauty ingredient, you can use rose petals to spice up your sexual life, combat stress and lose weight naturally. Yes, it’s true, here’s how you can reap its wonderful health and beauty benefits. People around the world enjoy flowers in their food. Asian cuisine, for instance, relies on…
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