Various techniques of bath

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Various techniques of bath

Bathing is one of the ancient therapies used to treat many diseases. It is one of the best natural therapies. Various types of baths are used to treat various diseases. But, be careful, consult experts of these therapies.

Following types of bath can be used:

Hip Bath

Hipbath is very useful for the various diseases especially Vata diseases like menstrual problems, constipation, paralysis, sciatica pains etc. For Vatadiseases sit in tub with hot water, add little herbal oil or decoctions of herbs for best results. Be careful wherever hipbath is recommended, the area under navel should be in the water.

For diseases of Pitta water should be cold.

Chest Bath

Chest bath is especially for diseases of Pitta for which herbal oil or decoctions of herbs are used to treat various diseases.

Sun Bath

Sunbath is a very useful bathing technique. It is a natural dose for bones and body. But be careful and sit before the sun with your back towards the sun. There is a saying, “Always enjoy fire from face towards fire and sun from back”. Sun therapy

Moon Bath

See Moon Chiktsa

Herbal Steam Bath

It is one of the best therapy of Ayurved and treat many diseases.

Sits bath (Indriya, the organs bath)

This bath is very useful to increase ejaculation time, meditation, control over lust, and make the mind peaceful.

Take cold water in a tub or pot. Dip glands of penis in the cold water for few minutes, if not possible to dip wrap the glands with cold water wet cloth or pour water in the opening hole of penis.

Clay bath

In this technique clay or sand is used to treat the body. Choose clay or sand according to the nature of your body. E.g. sand is dry in nature and treat kaphadiseases.

Milk bath

Milk bath is very helpful in treating diseases like Vata and Pita. For vata diseases milk should be lukewarm and for pita diseases it should be cool, the cooler the milk the quicker the Pita gets treated.  To treat diseases sit in tub with hot milk, add little herbal oil or decoctions of herbs for best results.

COMPRESSES: Depending on the ailment a hot or cold compress is an effective way of treating many local complaints. To make a hot compress, take hot water into a bowl & then add the essential oil. Place a cotton towel in the water and squeeze out the excess water and place immediately on the infected/painful area. A hot compress is very effective in problems such as skin infections, abscesses & boils, muscular or joint problems, arthritis, rheumatism, strains, sprains, backache etc. To make a cold compress add a few ice cubes to cold water in a bowl (& continue like a hot compress). A cold compress is very effective for certain type of headaches and also if the area feels hot & inflamed.