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Late Shree PramHans Vishudhanand Ji Maharaj, famous as Gandh Baba used to treat patients with various Quartz and Crystals by reflecting sunrays. He started to build a building for treating people with the help of this therapy but unfortunately he died before completing the project.

By reflecting sunrays with the help of various colored glasses on defected parts of body you can treat the disease. It is a very effective way of treatment but one should be an expert in it. It can even change gray hair into black.

The entire five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space have their own specific color, taste, and nature. Some elements are friendly to one and enemy to the other e.g. water is an enemy of fire, and air is friendly to fire.

According to the theory of Ayurved, deficiency or excess of this element is the root cause of diseases. Hence deficiency or excess of their color is the root cause of diseases. Deficiency of  colour, can be checked by examining nail, hair, color of body, taste of mouth, and mood of patient, color of waste, urine and tongue. For e.g., in deficiency of red color, color of the nails change to blue, color of waste and urine changes to white. Deficiency of blue color changes the color of nail to red, reddish eye, urine reddish or yellowish waste.

Element Color Taste Nature Feel by Properties Action
1 Space Mixed Pungent Mixed Hearing Create natural void in body Produces softness, lightness and porosity
2 Air


Like smoke Slightly bitter taste Light, dual, clear and dry




Governs inhalation, exhalation, opening and closing of eyelids, extension and contraction of joints, locomotion and other motor functions. Digestion of food  

Creates dryness, emaciation



3 Fire Red Pungent

Slightly sour

Hot Visual Controls temperature and luster of body color. Helps in digestion, maturation, improves eye sight


4 Water




Astringent Slightly,


Cold, heavy and fluid




It is root of Kapha, which joins the bone control the body. Necessary to digest food.




Imparts glossiness

Acts as nutrient, emollient and purgative.

Enhances fluid content & purgative




Earth Yellow



Sweet Heavy, compact & rough.




Controls organs as teeth, nails, flesh, skin, tendons & muscles.


Creates dryness, lightness and emaciation.


The deficiency of color can be noted by examining the color of nail, tongue, mood of patient, taste, tongue, nerves flow, waste color, urine color. The deficiency of that color can be increased be using friendly color of the deficient element.

To regulate the deficiency of the element following treatment can be followed;

o        Converting sunrays by using different color glasses, gems or crystals.

o        Sitting in the room with various color glasses.

o        Using different color of lamps.

o        Keep water in different color of bottles and place it in the sun for a few days.

o        Keep friendly herbs in friendly color bottles and place it before the sun for 15 days to 30 Days.

o        Keep different natural oils like mustard oil, sesaman oil, coconut oil, castor oil etc. in friendly color bottles.

o        Keep friendly gems in plain bottles with water, herbs, and natural oils as per consultation of your herbal doctor.

Caution for sitting before Sun:

  • Though sun is the base of our lives but one should be careful while sitting before the sun.
  • A person who wants to sit before the sun should sit with his/her back towards the sun, as the spinal cord is the place of sun. The spinal cord gets the energy from the sun easily rather than other parts of the body and distributes it quickly to the body.
  • In summer, do not sit before the sun except early in the morning, as there is a possibility of sunstroke in day, during summers. Only those patients who are prescribed for sitting before the sun in midday can sit before the sun in summer.
  • Pitta predominant people can lie in the sun and apply certain oils (sun blockers) so that they will reduce their exposure. The pitta person should not lie in the sun more than half an hour.
  • The vata person can lie in the sun for about an hour.
  • The kapha person can lie in the sun for more than an hour. If proper care is taken, lying in the sun and meditating upon the solar plexus, is a wonderful shaman for kapha and vata. It improves circulation, the absorption of vitamin D, and strengthens the bones.

Today, however, lying in the sunlight has become very bad because the ionosphere and ozone layers are damaged and the unwanted radiation (ultraviolet rays) comes to the earth and that aggravates brajak-pitta under the skin, which can result in skin cancer. The person that has multiple moles should not lie in the sun.