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Following tips can treat diseases naturally.

  1. If you feel giddiness, wrap your elbow tightly with cloth.
  2. In migraine wrap the elbow of the side of migraine tightly.
  3. Drinking water from nostrils (by Jal Neti) treat headaches.
  4. To treat constipation contract and expand stomach at least hundred times or place a piece of cloth or wet clay wrapped in a cloth under the areas near the Navel.
  5. In teeth diseases lock the teeth strongly while making water.
  6. In eye diseases spray water on eyes before bath.
  7. Pranayam (breathing) treats all diseases.
  8. In summer to avoid sunstroke put cotton in your ears or keep onion near your heart or in the turban on head.
  9. Man always broods for nothing. Try to chant Ohm diseases free, Ohm diseases free to keep yourself free of diseases.
  10. To treat insomnia massage nail of your feet and place wet cloth under the area near the Navel.
  11. Bath treats many diseases; Herbal Sauna Bath gives even better results.