Moon Chiktsa

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Moon Chiktsa

Moon is a sub planet of earth. It revolves around the earth in 24 hours. It is nearest to earth. It has great effect on water. You can see water rising in the sea on full moon nights and low down on dark moon nights.

One of the five basic elements of our body is water. Moon definitely affects water in our body. So moon therapy plays a crucial role as far as our health is concerned.

Water element diseases {diseases of kapha and pita, because pitta is made of fire and water and kapha is made up of earth and water (Tridoshas)} are influenced by moon.

In full moon days asthma and other kapha diseases are increased. It is better not to go outside on full moon days.

Persons suffering from increased pitta should sleep on the roof in summers to get treated by the moon rays. As pitta is made from water and fire and fire makes the water hot, the cooling effect of the moon treats the hot effect of water caused by fire.