These days hospitals have turned into jails rather than treating centers. No one is allowed to see a patient in the hospital. Relatives and friends are told if you see the patient he/she will get infection from you and it take times to treat the patient. Patient is forced to live alone. There is a saying “empty mind is a temple of devil”. When a person is sick we turn his mind into devil’s house. He/she feels psychologically sicker. If people are allowed to see and talk with patients, he/she feels more comfortable and recovers soon. Healing sometimes is about simply having someone to hold you in their arms and feeling their love -caring – and compassion…. knows there is someone there who shares your journey and will be there for you. Even animals hug each other and humans. A hug can say, “You are not alone.”

Even a small hug generally makes everyone feel good. A hug can make one feel safe and secure. It can lift our spirits and make us smile.

Some people are not comfortable with the physical embrace, yet a quick hug can go a long way.

A hug is a way to share both good and bad times with others. To many souls – reality is a lonely, painful experience, with nowhere to turn. A hug can create a connection that one cannot express in words.

A hug is not affected by age, race, or anything that separates human experience.

A hug can say, “I love you. You are special to me. I see your soul and you are beautiful to me.”

Hugs can involve more than one person sharing their energies. The energy of a hug goes on forever through many levels of expression.

Hugs can have a creational message.