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When acid and salt are mixed new compounds, gases and energy is formed. Ayurved takes this theory into consideration and decides diet on this basis. This important factor requiring attention in the planning of diet is the incompatibility of certain combinations of food that disturb the normal functioning of gastric fire and interfere with the equilibrium of the Three Doshas, thereby creating toxins (am) – the root cause of all ailments. Few suggestive samples of the same is indicated below:



Bread containing yeast, cherries, curd, fish, sour vegetables and fruits, meat, yogurt, horse bean,
Corn Bananas, dates, raisins,


Bananas, cheese, fish, meat, melons, milk, yogurt
Fruit With any other food
Honey When mixed with an equal amount of clarified butter, boiled or cooked honey, milk


Horse bean, gurd (made of sugar cane), clarified butter, milk
Lemon Cucumbers, milk, tomatoes, yogurt,
Melons Dairy products grains, fried foods, starch, water
Nightshades Cucumber, eggplant, melon, milk, potato, tomato, yogurt,
Radishes At night, bananas, milk, raisins
Starches Bananas, dairy, dates, eggs, tea, most fruits
Yogurt Cheese, fish, hot drinks, melons, milk, meat, mangos, starch, sour fruits,
These guidelines are not a final list. Consult your physician.  It must be remembered that a proper Ayurvedic diet should consider vipak, virya, taste, nutritional value, constitution, seasons, age and any disease condition.
  •  Eating cool and dry food in winter is Season opposing.
  • Eating hot and bitter food in summer is Season opposing.
  • Eating food either half cooked or over cooked or cooked in fire of poisons wood is Cook opposing.
  • Eating dry and pungent food in desert country area is Country opposing.
  • Eating unctuous and sweet food in country where atmosphere is humid is Country opposing.