Medical Truth Behind Pranayam

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Medical Truth Behind Pranayam, science of pranayam breathing, benefits of pranayam, benefits of breathing Pranayama (rhythmic control of breath) Change your brain change your mind change your life God in Sanskrit means PARMATMA. ATMA        +        PARAM              = PARAMATMA                                  (SOUL)      +        (SUPREME)       =SUPREMESOUL (GOD) When we disintegrate PARAMATMA, it becomes PARAM which means supreme and ATMA means soul. All the human beings were supreme by the times many defect, flaw, blemishes profanes the soul, and supreme soul becomes only soul, traveling from one Yoni (birth) to another. Yog purifies the soul of body and again makes it supreme. While the Yogasans makes body diseases free, Pranayam makes soul pure just as we heat gold again and again to purify it and increase its shine; Pranayam purifies the soul and makes it…
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