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Diseases treated, health secured!
Sorrow disappeared, happiness lured!!

Passion makes the impossible a possible.
Solutions itself open knot for well wishers
Destiny kisses the feet of challenger
Courage becomes helper of encourager.
Ordeals make a man luminary.
Yoga watered his childhood. Herbs fed his youth. Through experience of trail and suffering, a flower blossomed and now perfuming the world.
Yogacharya Shivender Kumar is treat ing the masses with blessings of HIS ALMIGHTY the so-called impossible declared diseases by modern medical practitioner like thyroid, appendicitis without surgery, diabetic, greying of hair, sinus, chikungunia without side effect. At the age of 7, Yogacharya Shivender first time attended yoga camp. And after that he never looks back. His passion for yoga and herbs forced him to learn ancient Indian technique to keep oneself fit without medicine from the REAL SAINTS.
M S Nagpal Retd. Chief Admin officer PGI chandigarh


( Red Ashes treat thyroid with in few weeks)

Medicine of homosexuality additional to regular practice of herbs.

Teaching yoga under Ayush Ministry govt. of India to make India diabetic free MADHUMEH MUKT BHARAT ABHIYAN


Shivender Kumar

Sant Shandilya Ayurvedic Marvels (Saint SAM)

Radha yoga and herbs

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